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Kowloon City Heritage Walk – Walled City, Temples and Gardens

Kowloon City is situated across the harbor from Hong Kong Island. I was shocked to discover that it has been possessed since second BCE when it was popular for pearl exchange. Today it is a cutting edge city with clamoring markets and business exercises. Nonetheless, it keeps on being specked with legacy structures that educate you regarding its rich legacy.

At practically the entirety of its legacy places, I could see the juxtaposition of old and new. Waters in the nurseries mirrored the tall high rises however much they mirrored the customary engineering of sanctuaries or structures.

I started my stroll from Nan Lian Garden that is planned in the seventh CE Tang tradition style. Designer Chi Lin who planned this put together it with respect to the plan of Jianghouju Garden of Tang Dynasty in Shanxi Province. As a customary Chinese scene garden, it has springs, hillocks, trees, blossoms, plants, structures, strolling ways and scaffolds. The nursery goes here and there, giving numerous layers of perspectives to the guest.

At the point when I began strolling in the Nan Lian Garden, it was showering. I was stressed over my cameras as I had no umbrella and I couldn’t say whether there is a sanctuary in the nursery. In light of a legitimate concern for time, I chose to continue to walk and face the downpour on the off chance that it acquires energy.

The individual at the passageway disclosed to me it goes for 2 hours to stroll the nursery. All things considered, you can without much of a stretch do it in 30-45 mins or somewhere in the vicinity, not including the photograph stops. Having said that except if you come here consistently, you would stop for pictures every so often.

Nan Lian Garden is flawlessly kept up. It unexpectedly takes you from a metropolitan atmosphere to the lap of nature. All you see around you is old rocks, trees, water bodies with wooden structures in them.

The tall high rises reflect in the water as do the conventional Chinese structures of the nursery. The strolling way delicately manages you through the different pieces of the Nan Lian Garden. Abruptly you end up close to a lake, at that point a column of tall trees encompasses you and afterward you follow the sound of a cascade to find a water plant. This while birds are twittering and hopping starting with one tree then onto the next.

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